The Biggest Winter Paving Mistake


January 27, 2021

Snow, ice, fallen tree limbs. All require immediate attention of property managers in the winter. But parking lot paving? For many, it doesn’t make the priority list. And that’s a big mistake. Commercial pavement can and should be addressed during the winter months.


Plan, solicit bids, and approve them quickly thereafter. Pavement management planning is best accomplished in the winter months. Use this time to understand your inventory, prioritize repairs, and secure funding. Solicit bids and approve them quickly thereafter so work can be scheduled and performed in spring or early summer.


Don’t wait to approve a bid. Projects executed later in the year are subject to harsh weather conditions and its damaging effects. A retailer found this out the hard way. They asked us to bid a resurfacing project in Michigan in early March. We turned around the quote one week later, but the contract was not signed until October. Due to weather delays, the work was not performed until November. And, because of the immense amount of rain that fell in the fall and continued after project completion, along with one of the coldest winters on record in that state, the site experienced extreme freeze-thaw conditions. When the ground froze, the area expanded raising the newly installed asphalt well above the concrete. The result? A dangerous trip hazard and violation of ADA compliance.

close-up of damage in parking lot in Minneapolis
This dangerous trip hazard can be avoided with proactive action.


It can be challenging to perform physical site assessments of pavement in the winter. And without data, planning and scheduling repairs is near impossible. If you can’t be on site, Let’s Pave can. We serve as your eyes and ears through in-person inspections or we can utilize digital site auditing technology, which saves time and money. Our team also turns around quotes faster than anyone in the national paving industry, so you can approve bids early and realize the best results. Don’t wait! Contact us today!


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