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Why We’re Different


We are the easiest to work with. Our team has decades of industry experience coupled with a passionate, proactive work ethic. This expertise, combined with stable processes and high standards, ensures that projects run efficiently and produce successful results — whether sites are 25 or 2500 miles away.


We disrupt the status quo. Not much has changed in the paving industry over the decades. Until Let’s Pave. Since our founding, we have worked hard to revolutionize the way it has been done. From tech-driven assessments and BulletProof Asphalt™ to lifecycle ownership, you won’t find another exterior services company that is as dedicated to innovating.


We value relationships. There’s a reason our founder C.B. Kuzlik has a trustworthy reputation that spans across the industry — he and his entire team value relationships above all.

Relationships are built on trust, and Let’s Pave is focused on developing and maintaining it. Internally, we hold each other accountable to promises and we lean on each other to produce the best possible results. Our leadership team also provides ongoing training reinforcing trustworthy habits at work.

Externally, we present unbiased solutions that make sense for our clients — with their best interests in mind. We also commit to a simple, but effective practice of always doing what we say we’ll do.

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Our Culture

We foster good vibes. At Let’s Pave our culture is palpable. It’s seen by all, felt by all, and even heard by all.  That’s right…we have a bell! And it’s rung often to celebrate our wins and successes.

In addition, we have an internal committee called the Good Vibe Tribe on a mission to create an environment where our team members can thrive and celebrate using the company Core Values as a guide.

Hear firsthand from our employees what it’s like to work at Let’s Pave.

Leadership Team

CB Kuzlik headshot

C.B. Kuzlik Founder & Chairman of the Board

C.B. has over 25 years of experience building relationships and improving best practices in the exterior services industry. Prior to founding Let’s Pave and its commercial roofing division, Let’s Roof,
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Mike Rosen President & CEO

Mike Rosen is deeply committed to improving customer experiences, a mission he pursues by emphasizing exceptional customer service, adept problem-solving, and swift delivery. Throughout his career, Mike has been privileged
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Mike Zator headshot

Michael Zator Partner

Michael has over 20 years of retail experience with concentration in corporate finance and facilities management. He is an expert in Budget/P&L Management, Financial Modeling and Analysis, and Operational Strategy.
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Joe Buvel Chief Financial Officer

Joe brings decades of financial and operational experience to our team. He is passionate about building teams, systems, processes, and procedures to enable companies to efficiently and economically operate and
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Mike Askren VP National Accounts

Mike’s commitment to cultivating a culture of integrity and customer-focus has been pivotal in his career success – spanning nearly two decades between KONE and TK Elevator. Holding an MBA
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Tracie Dulceak HR Director

Tracie is an Executive member and supporter of our Vibe, Women’s Empowerment Group. Tracie is experienced, focused on continual improvement, and a highly organized Human Resources leader with a PHR
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Dennis Kuhn headshot

Dennis Kuhn Divisional VP, Let’s Roof

Dennis is a leader with over two decades of directing highly effective teams in the commercial roofing space. He prides himself on partnering with others to uncover needs and solve
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Giving back is part of the Let’s Pave culture.
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