repairing catch basin

Catch Basin Repair

Water is the number-one enemy of a parking lot. Routine inspection and catch basin repair ensures a proper functioning drainage system for your parking lot. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can clog catch basins, however, and freeze/thaw cycles can cause damage.

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Do You Need a Catch Basin in Your Parking Lot?

A parking lot catch basin is designed to collect and drain excess rainwater from your parking lot. But, to function, catch basins need to be properly positioned in the right location, cleaned, and regularly serviced. Routine inspection is the only way to catch issues. Common problems include improper position due to pavement settling. If pavement has settled around a catch basin, it may be positioned higher than the surrounding asphalt, which impedes its ability to function. If there are a lot of trees on or near your parking lot and the weather is especially windy or rainy, catch basins can become clogged with wet leaves. Other wear and tear includes shifting frames, which requires adjustment, or deteriorated concrete rings, which requires replacement.

repaired catch basin

What to Know About Catch Basin Installation

The solution to insufficient drainage on your parking lot is concrete catch basin installation. Catch basins should be installed in low-lying areas of your parking lot. The exact number of catch basins needed will vary based on size and slope of your parking lot. We strongly recommend securing catch basins with concrete collars. Concrete has approximately five times the life span of asphalt. And, depending on reinforcement selection (fiber, wire, rebar, etc.), concrete provides much more structural integrity and strength surrounding the catch basin. Collars should measure 6’ X 6’ and 6” in depth.

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catch basin with cracks surrounding it

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