Let's Pave team performing repair


Let’s Pave knows how to direct people.

We have decades of industry experience coupled with a passionate and proactive work ethic. Our team has the insight, knowledge, and resources to help you understand your parking lot inventory, buy materials and services better, and execute jobs more effectively.

Every phase of each project is managed through one point-of-contact responsible for coordinating all aspects and communicating with you. This includes initial planning, procurement, project management, quality assurance, and beyond.

We’re proud of the infrastructure we’ve built and its results — better value and a superior end-product.

National Parking Lot Maintenance

Let’s Pave offers parking lot maintenance services nationwide with our network of local, pre-qualified partners. Our partners have regional expertise and specialize in the services needed.

Our partners are managed by senior project managers, Matt Barnes in the West, and Roger Lopez in the East. Click on the map for more information on each region.

Connecting People

Our people, processes, and technology enable us to connect the right paving partners with the right jobs in the right market. Learn more about our Partner Network.

How We Work