traffic cones on repairs in parking lot

Rapid Response Team

Let’s Pave specializes in long-term asphalt and concrete solutions as well as urgent repairs and restoration, anywhere in the nation.

If your pavement is damaged, the problem can quickly spread and worsen. We can help you avoid potential liabilities or unsightly defects by addressing these areas immediately. All it takes is one call to our Rapid Response Team. From quote turn-around to mobilization and execution, Let’s Pave has the fastest response time in the industry. Get a Quote

Emergency Repairs

We are available 24-7 to respond to emergency repairs including:

  • Pothole/Sink Hole Repairs
  • Catch Basin Adjustment/Repair/Installation
  • Trip Hazards/Uneven Transitions
  • Stop Sign (or other Traffic Signage) Installation
  • Damaged Bumper Blocks or Speed Bumps

Restorative Solutions

Success Story

A drainage grate cracked in half and left a gaping hole in the parking lot. This posed a serious liability threat. Find out what happened next....

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Rapid Response Recovery!

Learn how to identify and assess risks, respond rapidly, recover faster, and raise standards.

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