close-up of multiple ev charging stations

EV Charging Station

More and more drivers are using electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, it is projected that 35 million EVs will be sold in the U.S. by 2030 (source). As a result, demand for EV charging stations is on the rise. These stations not only attract a high-end, environmentally friendly customer base, but they also enhance brand image. Furthermore, many charging stalls are equipped with screens to display digital information including advertisements, which generate additional revenue.

EV Charging Station Benefits

  • Boosts your image and puts your company on the map of the emerging EV market
  • Attracts customers who will plug in and stay longer (on average, charging requires at least 30 minutes; source)
  • Stimulates repeat business from high-end customer base (70% of EV buyers have an income ≥ $100K; source)
  • Generates digital advertising revenue featured on built-in LED screens
  • Shows support for sustainability and clean transportation options

Turnkey Installation Process

Depending on available electrical service, site location, and data connectivity, the installation process can be complex and require varying levels of site work along with expertise in a multitude of trades. Our expert teams have decades of experience managing turnkey, multi-phase projects and can perform efficient installation with minimal downtime. On existing parking lots, the installation process begins with demolition and removal to accommodate underground utilities. Next, we pour concrete pads on which charging ports are mounted and installed. Asphalt and concrete assets (curbing and bumper blocks) are replaced. Last, signage is installed and markings applied to designate stalls for EV charging.

Featured Project Profile

Let's Pave partnered with a national technology solutions provider with expertise in DC power to install four electric vehicle (EV) charging station in metro Atlanta.

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Practical Scope Additions

Striping and Specialty Markings

If desired, it is possible to perform striping or specialty markings during the same mobilization as electric vehicle charging station installation. Not only will this save time and money, it is also a practical addition to the scope of work. Our team can apply paint in a variety of colors to help distinguish the EV charging stalls from other striping. Visit our parking lot striping service page to learn more.

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