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Parking Lot Bollards

It’s more common than you might think. According to the Storefront Safety Council, drivers lose control and crash into storefronts more than 60 times each day. Parking lot bollards serve as a barrier against vehicle-into-building crashes and we install them! Get a Quote

Parking Lot Bollard Benefits

  • Protect storefronts
  • Prevent pedestrian and driver injuries
  • Protect vulnerable assets (such as gas or water meters)
  • Control Access

Parking Lot Bollard Options

Depending on application, bollards can be flexible or rigid, removable or fixed-in-place. Safety bollards primarily serve as a visual guide and high-impact bollards protect your building or storefront and your customers from potential harm due to vehicle-into-building crashes. Let’s Pave works with the industry’s leading bollard manufacturers to offer you a variety of options. From bollards that spin, absorb, and deflect to post and bollard covers, we can help determine and install the right system for your needs.

Installation Process

Our expert team of installers has decades of experience and can perform timely installation with minimal downtime. First, the site is prepared (utility providers are contacted to ensure hazards are not present prior to excavating/digging). Next, all mounting locations are measured and marked. Workers break the concrete surface and dig a hole in accordance with the bollard’s specifications. The base of the bollard is inserted into a concrete mix and held upright while additional concrete is filled in the hole until level with the surface. (For removable installations, removable mounting hardware is installed into fresh poured concrete.) Bollards may be finished with a bollard cap or cover.

Featured Project Profile

Let's Pave was contracted to furnish and install multiple parking lot bollards at the first-ever Costco warehouse in Seattle, WA.

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Practical Scope Additions

Striping and Specialty Markings

If desired, it is possible to perform striping or specialty markings during the same mobilization as bollard installation. Not only will this save time and money, it is also a practical addition to the scope of work. That’s because crosshatch or other warning zone striping is often applied at storefront entrances to help guide pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Our team can apply paint in a variety of colors to help distinguish the markings from other striping. Visit our parking lot striping service page to learn more.

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