pothole blocked off by cones and barriers


Let’s Pave values the safety of our clients, end-users, and team members. It is more than a priority, it is an expectation in every area of our business.

Personnel Safety

Our management leads the way to safe paving practices. They have developed safety standards and policies that are mandatory on every job site. Safety meetings and training are conducted regularly for our staff at the office and our value partners on the job site to ensure everyone involved has all the information and PPE necessary to work safely, avoid injury, and protect those around them. We recognize this is an ever-evolving process; as client needs or project requirements change, so too will our safety culture.

Job Site Safety

Many of our projects are complex, requiring multiple phases and expertise in numerous trades. Managing all the moving parts safely is paramount to success. Our operations and project management teams work closely together to accomplish this through:

  • Scheduling
    We schedule work during off-peak hours, at night, or in phases for minimal disruption and safe working conditions.

  • Notification
    We notify clients in advance with the project schedule and any special considerations to take prior to mobilization.

  • On-Site Team Meeting
    We meet with our team on site to review safety procedures prior to beginning any work.

  • Site Preparation
    We clearly mark and section off job sites using cones, caution tape, and barricades.

  • Off-site Parking
    We locate and designate alternate entrances and exits to keep the property operational and end-users safe.

  • Traffic Control
    We help direct traffic with signs or a flagger.

  • Communication
    We communicate regularly before, during, and after the job to ensure that all quality and safety expectations are met.

Safety Record

Because of our strict standards, policies, and practices, Let’s Pave is proud to report that we have sustained zero OSHA Recordable Incidents.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Safety Protocol, please contact us. We look forward to working with you and providing safe and successful results.

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