woman forming heart symbol with her hands


“Hard Working with a Heart”

The essence of the Let’s Pave mission is to make a difference. This applies not only to our business and how we interact with our clients, but also to our involvement in the community. For us, it’s not just something we say, it’s something we do…all together. As our founder C.B. Kuzlik says, “We’re hard working with a heart.”

Organizations We Support

Our employees count it a joy and privilege to volunteer and give back. After all, giving back not only helps those in need, but it also deepens our appreciation for the many blessings we have.

Thank you for supporting our business so that we can make the ‘Let’s Pave Difference’ for these organizations.

A Better Life for Kids branding A Boy and His Dream branding Crohn's & Colitis branding The Holiday Heroes branding Jones Center branding Open Access branding Ronald McDonald House branding Sertoma branding St. Jude Children's Research Hospital branding Susan G. Komen branding Toys for Tots branding Wounded Warrior branding

Good Vibe Tribe

Let’s Pave has an internal committee called the Good Vibe Tribe. Simply put, their mission is to bring people together. They do this by creating an environment where team members can thrive and celebrate—using the company’s Core Values as a guide.

Events coordinated by the team include catered and potluck luncheons, contests, fantasy sports leagues, happy hours, after-hours networking, health and wellness initiatives, and charitable outreach.

From team building to volunteering, the Good Vibe Tribe brings people together for the greater good of all.