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Concrete Services

We offer complete concrete services to maintain and repair surfaces and structures such as drive lanes, curbs, sidewalks, walls and ramps, dumpster pads, bumper blocks, and concrete parking decks. We can also inspect for ADA compliance and perform corrective ADA remediation. Get a Quote

Concrete Crack Sealing

Using concrete crack sealant, our specialty concrete contractors fill cracks and joints to minimize water infiltration and prolong the life of concrete pavement.

Concrete Sealing

Just as asphalt is susceptible to the elements, concrete also deteriorates more quickly if left exposed to UV rays, salt, and water. Sealing the surface forms a protective layer to minimize water and salt penetration. We can also recommend and apply concrete coatings to help protect the surface from weather-related damage as well as wear and tear.

Concrete Lot Marking

What concrete pavement would be complete without properly marked striping? Our local concrete partners can stripe or re-stripe your concrete surface to help direct people safely around the parking area.

Concrete Repair

Extreme freeze/thaw cycles can cause a sidewalk or other areas of your parking lot, especially those that transition from asphalt to concrete, to heave or rise as much as 2” overnight – resulting in an immediate trip hazard. We can help level out the situation and restore a safe surface with concrete patching or removal and replacement.

How Does Concrete Paving Work?

Deteriorated concrete is removed, the base material is re-compacted, and concrete is poured according to a specified depth. Pouring is reinforced with wire mesh and/or iron re-bar to increase tensile strength. Expansion and control joints may be used to control cracking and allow independent movement. The newly poured surface is hand-trowelled or brush finished.

Featured Project Profile

Let's Pave was contracted to remove and rebuild a retaining wall; remove and install a new guardrail, curb, and dumpster pad; and perform re-striping for a national discount retailer.

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Hire the Best Local Concrete Contractor

The right materials and application process are critical to successful concrete paving and repair. That’s why we partner with local concrete contractors that have a thorough understanding of the climate, geography, materials, and land quality of the region in which your jobsite is located. Within our network of pre-qualified, local concrete contractors, we select those closest to your jobsite that specialize in the concrete repair you need. We provide the specs and help you compare bids on an apples-to-apples basis. Get a Quote

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