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Is Pavement Upkeep Too Taxing? Get Some Relief!

Facilities are aging and the list of projects to maintain them is ever increasing. Compounding matters is limited time, resources, and budget. It can be taxing just to think about it, let alone tackle it. Fortunately, we’ve got some relief to help you with your pavement planning.

4 Helpful Tips:

Consider your best interest. We get it—you can’t be on site at all of your properties on a regular basis. And, you’re not an expert in paving. So just like you would with your taxes, it’s in your best interest to hire a paving specialist to assess your portfolio every two to four years. The data accumulated will help you compare properties over a specific time period, easily chart degradation, and modify your strategy long term.

Plan for long-term gain. thorough plan provides insight by exposing long-term needs and associated expenses. It examines your maintenance objectives and future growth, earmarking funds for structural repairs as sites age or new construction as business expands. A paving partner will make sure dollars are used wisely in order to help you get ahead of the curve and minimize unbudgeted expenses down the road.

Minimize out-of-pocket expenses. We all want to save money, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to save and where to splurge. When it comes to paving, it’s not just about a low-priced bid. Considerations such as expertise and specialization can mean the difference between a job well done and a job that is done, but requires more money out-of-pocket after the temporary fix has failed.  Other factors include proximity to job site and grouping of jobs.  Let’s Pave has local contractor partners, which decreases mobilization and travel costs. We also have the capability to complete a cluster of projects in the same area, helping you save on material expenses.

Avoid rollover due to weather delays. To get the best bang for your buck, schedule and complete repairs early in the year. Waiting until September or October creates a higher probability for scheduling delays due to rain or huge temperature swings. Properties can be negatively impacted from delays if areas have already been closed off in preparation, essentially reducing available parking or limiting access to entrances. In addition, hastily issuing a PO for work late in the year can result in undesired ‘carry over’ if unfavorable weather prevents execution of work.

We give you a lot of credit for managing a multitude of projects within your portfolio. But, if pavement upkeep is taxing you and your facilities team, we can help simplify the process and give you a break. Investing in a reputable paving partner yields high returns, from well-maintained pavement assets and customer satisfaction to peace of mind. Ready? Let’s Pave…