We do more than fill holes. We fill in.

Parking lot maintenance and pavement management are separate specialties. Let’s Pave has resources with expertise in one area or the other. We can fill in the holes–literally speaking–on your pavement or we can fill in as your partner, anywhere in the nation. The choice is yours!

Nationwide Capabilities

Why We're Different


There are many paving companies out there. We believe paving services and pavement management should be separate. That’s why we offer one OR the other, but never both to the same client. Wherever the holes occur, we can fill in. And, we are confident we can do it better and more cost effective.

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Our team has pavement management, consulting, contracting, and manufacturing experience. We know every aspect of the paving industry. Whether you need help with planning, procurement, project management, or parking lot maintenance, you can rest assured we have a dedicated team that specializes in your area of need.

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We’ve been in the paving industry for decades. Every day we work closely with property and facility managers, manufacturers, contractors, and industry experts across the nation. Our relationships help us continually improve pavement management practices and perform parking lot maintenance more effectively.

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Our vision to revolutionize the paving industry starts with you and your choice. Whether you choose us to help with your paving or to serve as your partner, one thing remains constant – we are accountable to you.

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