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A culture of learning

In our ongoing quest to disrupt the status quo, we are always seeking out innovative ways to improve the industry. To accomplish this, we participate in professional networking and continuing education opportunities, employee training and development, and enterprise learning with our clients.

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Professional Development

Members of our team sit on various industry boards including SPECS and Connex. We also speak and exhibit at various industry conferences. Organizations with whom we affiliate include:

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Employee Development

We disrupt the status quo

Ongoing training & development for employees, driven by employees. The goal is to expand access to learning opportunities and skills development, while empowering employees to become proficient in knowledge sharing and thought leadership. Learn more.

Habits at Work

Our executive team has partnered with Habits at Work to offer employees access to live and on-demand programs that help us continually build trust in our relationships, enhance our communication and listening skills, create more value, and guide our clients to better buying decisions.

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Enterprise Learning

Let’s Pave Academy

Ideal for facility and property managers, the Let’s Pave Academy offers complimentary, 1:1 learning through on-demand webinars and in-person seminars. Attendees take away vital information on essential trends and solutions for commercial parking lots to help them buy better and drive value for their assets. Review course descriptions and register here.

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