Reinforced Asphalt Additive

Pavement that is raveling or alligatored is unsafe. Asphalt resurfacing will help prolong its safe usability. Although this is typically an expensive structural repair, Let’s Pave can help you save money both in the short and long term. The solution involves value-engineering specifications to include a special reinforced asphalt fiber additive in the asphalt mix.

What is Reinforced Asphalt Fiber Additive?

This innovative product is made from para-aramid fibers (polymer fiber).  Aramid fibers are used in military applications for body armor fabric. When added to hot mix asphalt, the fiber extends pavement service life by dramatically improving the dynamic modulus of the asphalt layer (provides three-dimensional reinforcement) and increases the asphalt’s resistance to cracking and rutting. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of asphalt required, saving up-front costs on material. Long term, it helps extend intervals between routine maintenance. In essence, this is as close to ‘bulletproof asphalt’ as it gets.

Let’s Pave has struck a transformative partnership agreement with Surface Tech, manufacturer of ACE XP™ polymer fiber asphalt additive, to offer this solution to our customers nationwide.

Ideal For:

Specifying a fiber reinforced mix is ideal when performing asphalt mill and pave (overlay or resurfacing), parking lot extensions, and new parking lot construction.


In addition to the benefits listed below, ACE XP™ polymer fiber reinforced asphalt additive is EPD certified, which may complement LEED accreditations.

Use To:Gain:Achieve:
Improve Crack Resistance (between 30-50%)Reduced Crack Filling CostLonger Lasting Pavement Performance
Improve Rut Resistance (between 10-15%)Reduced Pot Hole Filling CostReduced Maintenance Cost Over the Life of Pavement
Reduce Amount of MaterialsReduced Overlay CostFewer Truckloads; Fewer Emissions
Install Less MaterialQuicker Execution of RepairReduced Downtime


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