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Asphalt Paving Services

If your asphalt is showing signs of wear, don’t delay! We can address problems before they spread. Our services include removal and replacement of failed areas, resurfacing, reconstruction, and infrared asphalt repair. Get a Quote

Removal and Replacement

Over time, cracks will appear in any pavement. If not treated early, water will infiltrate open cracks and weaken the base. This process widens existing cracks, causes new ones to form, and creates potholes. If the areas affected are concentrated, asphalt removal and replacement is an effective repair. Unsound pavement is removed by saw cutting the perimeter of each affected area. Next, deteriorated asphalt is removed. Existing base is re-graded and compacted. Tack coat is applied to the edges of the patch and new asphalt is installed and compacted.

What About Resurfacing?

Between 5 and 10 years, many parking lots experience isolated areas of raveling and alligatored pavement. In this case it is possible to prolong the safe usability of pavement with grinding and resurfacing. This structural repair involves removing and replacing failed areas, milling areas of transition, and leveling any low-lying areas prior to resurfacing the entire parking lot. An underlayment fabric may also be installed prior to resurfacing to act as a waterproofing membrane.

When is it Time for Reconstruction?

Around the 12-year mark, most parking lots will require reconstruction due to compromised structural integrity. Visible warning signs include widespread areas of cracking, holes, and raveling, which are no longer cost-effective to repair with preventative measures. Instead, it is recommended to rip out and reconstruct the pavement. A parking lot can reach this stage before the 12-year mark if proactive preventative maintenance is deferred or irregular.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

Potholes in high-traffic areas, pavement heaving, uneven surfaces, seam failures, or isolated areas of rough pavement are all good candidates for infrared asphalt repair. This treatment involves combining hot-mix asphalt with the existing asphalt, and then compacting the area for a seamless finish. Using special infrared restoration equipment, damaged asphalt is heated to 300 degrees or slightly higher. Failed aggregate is raked and removed. A rejuvenator is applied to replenish lost oils. Additional hot-mix material is applied to the area, while raking and grading it to the proper level. Last, the area is compacted to create an integral patch.

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Our client is undergoing a refresh/upgrade of its 500+ service centers across the country. Let's Pave has helped 240+ locations to date with asphalt R&R, crack sealing, sealcoating, re-striping, and bollard installation.

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Hire the Best Local Paving Company

Ready to pave? Our paving specialists are carefully selected from our pre-qualified network of asphalt paving companies. This partner is locally based to the job site or sites and specializes in the procedures required. We do this primarily because local asphalt paving companies have an intimate understanding of the unique geography, climate, materials, and land quality in which the site or sites are located. We closely monitor our partners and provide ongoing training on best practices to ensure the highest-quality work. Get a Quote

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Use the Right Paving Materials

Based on the scope of work we provide, our local partners specify the right asphalt paving materials and application methods that are necessary to make the job successful. And, because they’re within close proximity to the job(s), you don’t pay extra for travel and mobilization costs.

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