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Let’s Pave knows how to connect people. Our people, processes, and technology enable us to connect the right paving partners with the right jobs in the right market.



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Qualified Partners

We use a 10-step process to qualify and vet companies before accepting them into our national network. Each partner must meet our standards and demonstrate certification in the application methods of our product manufacturers. But it doesn’t stop there.

Following every job, our quality control team scores and evaluates partner workmanship. Evaluations are used to measure performance and as a coaching tool for continuous improvement.

Diverse Network

Our extensive national partner network comprises hundreds of small businesses, including those owned by minorities, women, and veterans, reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Pre-qualified partners are selected for jobs based on proximity to the job sites and specialization in the services required. Every partner in our network has an intimate understanding of the unique geography, climate, and land quality in his or her region. This ensures the right material specification and application methods, and it saves time and cost associated with mobilization and travel.

Ongoing Training

Every year Let’s Pave hosts a best-practices conference to promote knowledge-sharing across the network. Our goal is to make sure each partner is constantly improving. Continuing education and training elevates paving standards across the industry and results in a better end-product for clients.

Contractor Advisory Board

At Let’s Pave, we believe success involves collective action – it takes a team of minds to innovate and effect positive change throughout the paving industry. This is why we established a Contractor Advisory Board.

Currently, five of our industry-leading value partners serve on the board. Each represents a different region of the country. We meet monthly via Zoom and twice annually in person to discuss network performance, future initiatives, customer needs, industry innovations, and goals.

Throughout the year, board members provide Let’s Pave with continual feedback, sound off on and test out our innovations, and help drive industry improvement. We are looking to expand the group. If you are interested in applying, please contact us.


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