lifebuoy on pavement

Winter Paving Emergency? Let’s Pave to the Rescue!

Let’s be honest – emergencies never happen at convenient times.   As much as we’d like to be able to plan for disasters in advance, paving emergencies can crop up on holidays, weekends, during snow storms – or they may simply appear overnight.

When you get a call at 7pm on a Friday evening from a tenant who has just reported a giant sinkhole in the parking lot, it may be tempting to panic. But there’s no need to stress – call us any time, any day of the week:  844-LET-PAVE.

Yep, we are available 24-7 to respond to emergencies including:

  • Pothole/Sink Hole Repairs
  • Catch Basin Adjustment/Repair/Installation
  • Trip Hazards/Uneven Transitions
  • Stop Sign (or other Traffic Signage) Installation
  • Damaged Bumper Blocks or Speed Bumps

catch basin damageTop 3 Paving Emergencies

Catch Basin Damage/Collapse:  Snow plows are fantastic for quickly removing snow from parking lots, but a careless crew can cause significant damage to catch basin inlets – creating both a safety issue and an eye sore for your parking lot. Excess water runoff in winter can also cause cracking or even sinkholes to develop in asphalt adjacent to a catch basin. If action isn’t taken quickly to remedy this situation, water will erode the concrete basin leading to an eventual collapse. Now is the hour to remove and replace the surrounding asphalt. If damage is extensive, a new basin may need to be installed.

Trip Hazards: 

pothole repairsExtreme freeze/thaw cycles can cause a sidewalk or other areas of your parking lot, especially those that transition from asphalt to concrete, to heave or rise as much as 2” overnight – resulting in an immediate trip hazard. Our team can help level out the situation and restore a safe surface.

Emergency Pot Hole Repairs:

Winter is prime time for potholes. Freeze/thaw cycles widen existing cracks in asphalt, and the broken aggregate unravels further with heavy vehicular and snow plow traffic. Before you know it, a few tiny cracks have morphed into a sizeable hole. Cold patch or infrared asphalt repair are great options when hot mix is unavailable. If necessary, permanent repairs can be completed in spring.

Mother Nature can be full of surprises and if you find yourself in a situation where a safety issue exists, rest assured that we are your trusted, rapid-response partner. Call us toll-free at 844-LET-PAVE and let us work quickly and efficiently to resolve the problem and provide you with peace of mind.