Custom Paving Program

Is Your Paving Program Customized?

Start with a Custom Paving ProgramNike® does it with its shoes. Coach® does it with its handbags. What, you may wonder? The answer is customization. A shoe to match your lifestyle and performance with a custom logo to boot. Or, a purse with your initials and hand-picked accessories. While this may make sense for consumer products, you might not see the need to take a similar approach with your maintenance strategy.

But, why not? Your portfolio and your organization are unique. Therefore, your maintenance programs should be customized to meet specific goals, funding, and other considerations. This is especially valuable as it concerns one of the largest areas for which you’re responsible—parking lot pavement.

A proactive pavement management plan typically includes three key components—crack sealing, seal coating, and lot marking. However, the timing, materials, and application methods will vary and should be determined based on condition, location of defects, traffic pattern, and climate to name just a few factors. If a custom paving program is not established, the likelihood of long-term success (and realizing any return on investment) is low.


Let’s Pave develops a custom paving program for every client. It’s the only way to ensure successful results. Here’s how it works.

  1. Discovery. We start by understanding you and your organization. If there are resources challenges, for example, we fill in as your eyes and ears. If there are budget constraints, we value-engineer projects. Whatever the challenges, we design the program to fit your needs.
  2. Evaluation. We go on site to assess the overall condition of the pavement such as surface distress, ride quality, and aesthetics. The data collected will help identify repair and replacement needs, prioritize repairs on a site or set of sites, and create budgets for planning up to five years ahead.
  3. Specification. Different pavement requires different materials. We examine factors such as geography, climate, and land quality to help determine which products should be used, and how they should be applied, for desired results.
  4. Procurement. We have a network of pre-qualified local, specialty contractors. We find contractors closest to your jobsite(s) that specialize in the work you need. We provide the specs and help you compare bids on an apples-to-apples basis.
  5. Project Management. We facilitate pre-job meetings to make sure all parties are dialed in, supervise while the job is in progress, and serve as liaison between the on-site manager, contractor, and corporate management.
  6. Verification/Ongoing Monitoring. We ensure your complete satisfaction with regular post-job site visits to inspect and verify all work. That way, you always know what’s out there.

From footwear to foot traffic, if you want to attract attention, customization is key. The next time your project calls for asphalt or concrete work, ensure success with a custom paving program that is specific to you, your organization, and your pavement.  Ready? Let’s Pave.