parking lot with snow and cars

Winter Survival Checklist for Your Parking Lot Assets

Dreading the winter and its impact on your parking lots? There are ways to prevent dull, cracked, and damaged asphalt during the winter months. Follow this checklist to protect your pavement investment, minimize risk, and avoid unbudgeted expenses.

  1. Assess Condition – Take inventory of your pavement immediately. Document any surface distress that must be addressed such as cracks, faded or missing striping, potholes, and drainage issues. Consult this post for assessment assistance.
  1. Repair Defects – Before freezing temperatures set in, repair catch basins, seal cracks, fill potholes, add a protective layer of sealer, and re-stripe. Note: Adhere to material manufacturer guidelines for temperature and application requirements. If conditions are not favorable or procedures are not followed, the repair may be compromised.
  1. Stake Your Property – Stake catch basins and drains, pavement transitions, walkways/sidewalks, medians, islands, speed bumps, and pavement boundary lines to alert snow removal operators of obstacles/obstructions and to prevent damage.
  1. Remove Snow Promptly – If left to build up, snow will damage your pavement assets. Prompt removal will prevent deterioration and provide a safe and accessible parking lot throughout winter. Consider a seasonal contract or service agreement with a snow removal professional for worry-free coverage.
  1. Audit Regularly – Check in regularly with on-site managers for a condition report and visit sites, if possible, to verify that pavement is clear of snow and debris. Remote monitoring of your properties is possible too; ask us about it.
  1. Address Hazards Immediately – If liabilities pop up after temperatures plunge, enlist the help of a rapid response team to perform emergency repairs. For example, potholes can be temporarily filled using cold patch until a long-lasting repair can be completed in spring.

Ultimately, parking lots are an investment that require year-round protection. Proactive maintenance prior to the first snowfall as well as proper attention throughout winter will help your assets survive and thrive during the cold and wet weather ahead. And Let’s Pave is available to help 24-7. Contact us and check it off your list!