cosmetic equipment on pavement

3 Signs it’s Time for a Facelift

A new year, a new you.  We all want to put our best face forward in 2018.  Many New Year’s Resolutions focus on making changes to our appearance on the surface, and some men and women even consider having a cosmetic procedure to enhance their looks.  While we aren’t plastic surgeons, we do recognize the benefits to be gained from a facelift – a pavement facelift, that is! Take a look at the condition of your asphalt surfaces and evaluate for any of the following problem areas:

  1. repair cracks earlyWrinkles (Cracks in Drive Lanes):
    Over the years both humans and parking lots tend to show their age. While our facial wrinkles may be harmless, “wrinkles” or cracks in a parking lot can cause expensive structural damage if left untreated. During the harsh winter freeze-thaw cycle, these cracks can expand and spread to adjacent areas, or worsen with heavy vehicle traffic. Our team can address these surface defects as soon as they appear with crack sealing – which provides a barrier against water, salt, sand, and other irritants and prolongs the safe usability of your parking lot.
  1. faded pavement Pale Skin (Oxidized or Gray Pavement):
    The harsh effects of winter weather can leave both people and pavement looking rather gray. As your parking lot is continually exposed to oxygen and UV rays, oxidation occurs – resulting in faded, brittle pavement that is more susceptible to cracking and potholes. While you can’t totally prevent oxidation, you can slow it – and that’s where seal coating comes in. Applying a thin protective layer of sealer helps keep oxygen and other elements from penetrating the surface and it fills hairline cracks. Schedule seal coating in the spring to restore your parking lot’s smooth and even surface.
  1. snow plow damageScars (Snow Plow Damage):
    Thank goodness for the snow plows that keep pavement clear! But these winter machines can add a few ugly scars to your parking lots – making potholes larger and causing damage to islands, curbs, bumper blocks, and ramps. To mitigate the risk to your asphalt, hire an experienced snow removal team that uses clearly marked sticks to identify these areas ahead of time so they can be avoided during the procedure. Then, schedule seal coating and re-striping in the spring to take care of any lingering scrape marks or unsightly “blemishes.”


If your asphalt is showing its age with wrinkles, a pale surface, or scars, it’s time to refresh and rejuvenate. Our team can address problem areas quickly and efficiently – leaving your asphalt surfaces with a healthy “glow” and extending the life of your pavement. Ready?  Let’s Pave…