Rapid Response for Emergency Pavement Repairs


April 30, 2020

Have you ever had a sinking feeling in your stomach? If you manage properties, you’ve likely experienced it at one time or another. An emergency call from a store or site manager can be the culprit.

One of our clients in the hospitality industry recently received such a call in regards to the parking lot. A drainage grate cracked in half and left a gaping hole in the parking lot. This posed a serious liability threat with the potential for personal and vehicle injury.

three portraits of rapid response emergency repairs

Our employees reacted rapidly. We were on site within 24 hours. Upon our arrival, we noticed a “wet floor” sign had been positioned in front of the damaged area, but we knew this sign would not be visible during the night. After a quick trip to a local home improvement store, we were able to properly cover the hole with oriented strand board (OSB) and protect the area with high-visibility safety cones.

Next, we called the manufacturer of the grate to source a replacement and secured a contractor from our pre-qualified network to perform the repair. It took just 72 hours from the time we received the call to the time the grate was fixed.

If or when you get ‘the dreaded call,’ don’t despair. Let’s Pave is able to rise to the occasion with the fastest response time in the industry. Avoid costly liability claims and unsightly pavement defects by addressing them immediately.  All it takes is one call to our Rapid Response Team.

Of course, we’re also prompt in other areas, too. From quote turn-around to mobilization and execution, we’re driven by speed and accountability. Ready? Let’s Pave!



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