How to Make the Most of Dark Store Downtime


April 7, 2020

Temporary shutdowns, reduced operating hours, or limited service (curbside pick-up/delivery only) is now commonplace for many office parks, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and other entertainment venues. But, these so-called ‘dark stores’ aren’t abandoned. Property managers across the country must work to maintain current value through upkeep and maintenance. And, for many, that means doing it remotely.

amc movie theater parking lotSo, how can you watch over your properties while you’re away from the field? And, which services are essential to maintain the value of your assets?

It’s nearly impossible to know unless you can get eyes on your sites. And, with so many employees required to work-from-home, who is available to help?

#1: Perform Essential Maintenance

Many companies in the construction industry are considered essential businesses because they help maintain the nation’s critical infrastructure. This includes the repair and maintenance of pavement. In most states, these contractors are permitted and encouraged to work. Which is a good thing. Because, although the times are a little uncertain, one thing is constant—facilities and their surrounding parking lots continue to age and need repair.

If your stores have gone dark temporarily, partner with a trusted service provider who can assess your properties and perform essential maintenance. Crack sealing, seal coating, and striping—to name a few services—can be performed without any inconvenience during this downtime. And, in doing so, you will protect and prolong the safe usability of your pavement assets. Of course, as with any other time, your service provider should also address and repair any unsafe areas such as deteriorated or broken pavement, potholes, trip hazards, or other liabilities.

#2: Keep an Eye on It

At Let’s Pave, we have partnered with the construction industry’s leading mobile app developer to offer property managers remote monitoring of their sites on demand. This real-time photographic documentation provides valuable insight to help drive decision making. It’s especially helpful when you can’t travel to your sites in person. We’re happy to discuss this technology and our other dark store management services with you.

We know these are challenging times, but we are confident our country will come back stronger and better. Working together, we can welcome back America to safer and healthier places.



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