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5 Great Reasons to Visit Let’s Pave at PRSM2017 in Dallas

Let's Pave at PRSMIn just one week, our team will be traveling to Dallas for the PRSM2017 National Conference to meet with retail facilities professionals from around the country. In addition to educational and networking opportunities, the conference boasts the industry’s premier and largest tradeshow. At the expo, there will be many exhibitors eager to discuss and demonstrate their products and services. So, why visit Let’s Pave? Here are five great reasons to stop by booth 1441:


Just as our President promises ‘America First,’ at Let’s Pave, our promise is to put you first. We believe paving services and pavement management should be separate specialties. That’s why you choose one or the other—our Paving Services (parking lot maintenance) OR our Partner Solutions (planning, procurement, and project management). This approach ensures that your best interests are always the main focus and there are no conflicts of interest. The result is always an objective recommendation and effective outcome.


Our greatest strength is our people. Nowhere else exists a national paving company with as much dedicated expertise in paving and pavement management. We literally know the industry inside and out from the manufacturing side (or what materials and mix design are best suited for the pavement) and the contracting side (or which services are most cost effective).


We’ve been in the paving industry for decades. Every day we work closely with property and facility managers, manufacturers, contractors, and industry experts across the nation. Our relationships help us continually improve pavement management practices and perform parking lot maintenance more effectively.


For the paving function, we use our buying power to source all materials and we only use local, specialty contractors. This strategy results in better pricing and delivery to you. For the partner function, we help you understand your parking lot inventory, buy materials and services better, find the right contractors, and execute jobs more effectively.


Who can resist a fun promotion? When you stop by our booth 1441, enter to win a diecast, Let’s Pave replica dump truck—it’s sure to become a collector’s item!

For more event details and registration information, visit PRSM2017. Hope to see you soon in the Lone Star State.