well-kept pavement

Feeling lucky? It may be the worst thing for your parking lot!

you're in luck with let's paveWhen driving in urban areas, it’s a common sight to see competing restaurants or retailers located right next to each other or on opposite corners of a busy intersection. The food or products are similar. So, what makes one more favorable than the other?

Some days, booming business may depend on luck or which one is more convenient to customers’ direction of travel. But, odds are far greater that other factors are involved.

One Chance to Make a First Impression

From brand loyalty, service, and price to cleanliness and safety, customers have many reasons to choose where they eat and shop. While most people don’t consider parking as a deciding factor, it can make a difference. If space is limited, too far from the entrance, or if pavement is in poor condition making it difficult to navigate, the parking lot can drive business away.

Fortunately, proactive pavement management is all it takes to make sure your parking lots can compete in a saturated marketplace. But, it’s not as easy as hiring the first paving contractor in the directory or trying your luck with the lowest bid. While that may save time or a little money up front, it’s likely to cost more down the road to fix work that wasn’t done properly the first time. That’s why it’s important to carefully select a partner that specializes in paving and can uncover underlying causes of failure or design issues to determine the best long-term strategy.

A Sure Bet for Charming Results

Let’s Pave understands that a positive customer experience starts the moment he or she drives onto your lot. We also know that pavement management is an ongoing process that requires a unique approach. What works for one restaurant or retailer may not work for another.

We can assist with pavement strategy and all aspects of project execution including site evaluations, ADA compliance, material and application specifications, budgeting, procurement, and project management. We always have the best interests of your assets, brand, and cash flow in mind to help you buy better and execute maintenance more effectively. The results are sure to charm your customers—parking areas that not only look good, but are safe and functional for many years.

Although we can’t do anything about the cluster effect, we can help your parking lots stand out in a crowd. So, if you want to be in luck…let’s pave!