man holding bag of fiber for asphalt

This asphalt additive is the answer to rising prices

Prices are rising on just about everything…including liquid asphalt cement (AC). This critical material is the glue that holds together aggregate in hot mix asphalt. The cost for liquid AC is now 60% higher than it was just four years ago.

While rising costs affect the bottom line, higher prices can also lead to knee-jerk reactions. Chief among them is postponing maintenance, which is especially detrimental in an industry already dominated by a reactive mindset.

Deferring maintenance on a parking lot compromises safety, aesthetics, brand image, and increases risks for costly liabilities. All of this can be avoided by remaining proactive (we make a clear case for this approach in our Net Present Value White Paper).

That said, rather than focusing on price, your strategy should center on finding the best value or ROI in our current market.

Preventative maintenance, which involves routine crack sealing, sealcoating, re-striping, and minor asphalt or concrete repair, along with regular assessments, provides the best bang for your buck. When consistent with this approach, your parking lot will only require mill and overlay once every 15 years. And while mill and pave is costly because there is more ground to cover, Let’s Pave can still help you save money, even as liquid AC soars to unprecedented prices. The solution involves value-engineering specifications to include a special polymer fiber additive in the asphalt mix.

Benefits of Polymer Fiber Asphalt Additive

We are so impressed by its performance that Let’s Pave has partnered with Surface Tech, a global leader in asphalt and concrete additive solutions, to offer ACE XP™ polymer fiber asphalt additive. The installation of this product on parking lots, both new and existing, helps reduce cracking between 30-50%, reduces rutting by 10-15%, and extends life expectancy by up to 50%. In addition, less material is needed compared to standard asphalt repairs. This reduction in material translates to fewer truckloads and fewer emissions. The product is also EPD certified, which may complement LEED accreditations.

With this product, it’s possible to realize up-front as well as long-term savings. In the short term, you pay less because adding polymer fiber reduces the amount of asphalt needed in the mix by 10-20%. And the cost of the fiber additive is less than the cost of asphalt. Over time you will pay less out-of-pocket, too.  That’s because the fiber asphalt additive strengthens the pavement and helps it last longer—effectively extending the interval between routine maintenance.

What Others Are Saying

But don’t just take our word for it. Please watch this testimony about its application and effectiveness. If you would like to know more, please contact us to determine whether this investment is right for your assets.

We get it—rising prices cause anxiety for everyone. You’re not alone and Let’s Pave is here to help you remain proactive and protect your commercial pavement. Our staff is happy to discuss the current market and provide solutions that meet your short- and long-term goals.  Ready? Let’s Pave…