ABC building blocks

We Make Paving as Easy as A-B-C

paving your assets is as easy as A-B-CWhen you’re busy and getting inundated with projects and “to-do” lists, it’s easy to block out what you don’t see. But if you want your business to stand out with Grade A pavement, visibility is key. There’s no need to spend precious time studying up on the specifics of pavement management so you can make the grade. Our team can serve as your eyes and ears to make paving as easy as A-B-C.

Our Paving Services and Partner Solutions will help you:

Prolong your pavement Assets

We do this by conducting pavement evaluations and prioritizing repairs in order to maximize usability while minimizing downtime to operations. In the process, we consider your unique needs and value-engineer each “Asset” based on factors such as site location, budget, and goals. This allows us to do what’s best for each circumstance – whether a busy retail store or restaurant, or an office building with more predictable hours and traffic patterns.

Maintain a consistent Brand

Your brand is the sum of people’s perception of your product or service, employees, reputation, advertising, and appearance. Although most transactions occur inside a business, a professional image extends to the pavement that surrounds your facility. Implementing a proactive and consistent approach to routine pavement maintenance across all sites contributes to positive brand perception, regardless of location. Furthermore, a business with a well-maintained parking lot is typically perceived as being better managed, cleaner, and more trusted.

Buy better and reduce Cost

We get it:  no one wants to spend more money on pavement repairs than they have to. Our team works with you to maximize cost effectiveness by performing the right repair at the right time.  Strategic sourcing efforts within our extensive network also helps reduce cost because we procure contractors that are local to jobsites, minimizing travel and mobilization expenses. Furthermore, we select contractors who specialize in the service required to ensure the job is done right the first time – helping to prevent call-backs and saving money over time.

As an extension of your facilities team, we always have the best interests of your assets, brand, and cash flow in mind when making decisions. If your pavement doesn’t “make the grade,” consider us your tutor. Ready to move to the head of the class?  Let’s Pave…