contractor for Let's Pave striping parking lot

How shutdowns, shortages, and storms may affect your parking lots

The pandemic has created many challenges with trickle-down effects. For example, shutdowns have disrupted the production of materials in a variety of industries and adversely affected the national labor market. The weather hasn’t been very cooperative either. A record hurricane season in 2020 and a monster ice storm along the gulf coast earlier this year crippled manufacturing plants in that region.

What does this mean for your parking lots?

With the slowdown of our economy in 2020, many commercial properties were forced to defer parking lot maintenance. Now, as retail stores and restaurants have reopened, the paving industry is experiencing record demand for parking lot maintenance and related services. However, the labor supply is still low leaving fewer contractors and subcontractors to perform the work. Of those available, many are already booked through the end of the year. Compounding this, there is a material shortage of paint, sending prices sky-high and affecting the ability to complete parking lot striping and re-striping services. To learn more about the material shortage, consult this article.

What can you do?

The best advice is to be proactive. Don’t wait to reach out to your preferred paving contractor. Keep open lines of communication. The sooner your vendor knows your needs, the quicker they can source labor and material.

Who can help?

If your paving project has been delayed due to material or labor shortages, Let’s Pave may be able to help. We are uniquely positioned to pull resources from our vast network of contractors and manufacturers from across the country. But time is still of the essence! That’s because, for most regions, the paving season ends November 1st. With just precious weeks to maintain your pavement assets, it’s critical to act now. Contact Let’s Pave for a free consultation or quote and get your projects on the books.