Retaining Wall Excavation & Re-Build

Our client has a retaining wall that closely borders two adjacent properties, including one residential. The wall was eroding and badly damaged. Several contractors and an engineering
firm were consulted, but none would take the job due to its complexity and the precarious position of the wall. Our client needed to partner with a vendor that could manage the diverse scope and perform work in a tight space, measuring just a few feet in some areas.

Let’s Pave used extreme caution throughout execution of this multi-phase project. Careful planning and attention to detail helped our team avoid potential hazards including the risk for
structural collapse. The project entailed excavation and removal of the existing wall, guardrail, curb, and trash enclosure; installation of stone base, formation of a new wall, pouring concrete (3,000 PSI, 12” thick), installing rebar, and backfilling; removal and replacement of dumpster pad and asphalt installation (4” depth); new guardrail installation; and re-striping.

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