easy button over a freshly paved parking lot

We Make Paving A Lot Easier

Our number-one goal in 2022 is to make your life easier.  How are we going to do it? Simple—by being even easier to work with.  Okay—there’s more to it than that.  Here’s what we’re doing specifically…

Continuous Optimization

Our IT department has deployed a new work order management system (WMS) to meet customer and contractor needs.  You spoke, and we listened! The system has been adapted and customized to enable even quicker and easier collaboration.

It flows seamlessly between departments internally and is capable of plugging into most external software platforms for an enhanced, real-time experience.  Our external partners also have the ability to login and interact with the system directly to manage service orders, financial data, and performance metrics whether from a desktop or mobile device.

With continuous technology optimization, Let’s Pave remains at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative solutions that embrace the win-win-win mentality and enhancing the interactive experience for all of our stakeholders.


To kick off 2022, our leadership team gathered with employees in January for a two-day meeting to review departmental achievements and goals for the coming year. We also brought in guest speaker Michael Hahn to share the habits of heroes and how we can leverage them to improve our communication and problem solving. The speech was highly motivating and tied perfectly into our organization’s mission for the year ahead: Be Even Easier to Work With.

A big part of our mission starts with our people, which is why we are investing heavily in our culture. Last year, we established an internal committee called the Good Vibe Tribe. Their purpose is to create an environment where our team members can thrive and celebrate—using the company’s Core Values as a guide. The committee’s top-level goal in 2022 is to foster a culture of Hero Habits that not only makes us easier to work with internally, but also easier to work with as an organization.

Members of the Good Vibe Tribe

Customer Service

Our business was fortunate to experience a record-breaking year in 2021. And the momentum has just begun…

We have set high goals for 2022 and plan to achieve them through even better customer service.  Our sales team will be utilizing quarterly business reviews with our clients to review the impact of our service on their business as well as to discuss future goals. This added touchpoint will help us build the best relationships with our clients and get to know them better both personally and professionally.

Coverage & Capabilities

As we head into the 2022 season, we have strategically realigned territories to ensure even better coverage. The realignment also helps break down departmental silos, holds us accountable, and enhances team capabilities by aligning the right regional expertise in the right places.

With more work than ever forecasted for 2022, our sourcing team will continue to collaborate closely with our partners to develop better relationships and add highly qualified contractors to our growing network. This will enhance quality and speed of delivery.

In addition to more work, we are also undertaking many complex projects in 2022. One of which is a bus loop project requiring the addition of a loop to an existing road for a bus stop. Although not a large project in size, it requires many steps beyond asphalt and concrete work including soil studies, pavement section design, storm water review, permitting, and creation of as-built drawings.

We are very appreciative to our loyal customers, partners, and business relationships—all of whom have made it possible for the people of Let’s Pave to do what we love and make it easier for you! Ready? Let’s Pave!