The “3 Ps” of Paving

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When it comes to your restaurant parking lots, potholes are only a small blemish compared with the big picture. That’s because it’s common practice to react and quickly remedy a risky situation rather than plan ahead for it. And, unless it’s littered with holes, you may not think twice about your parking lots. But, the best way to manage your pavement assets long term is through a proactive approach. After all, timely and routine maintenance can save, on average, over 30% compared to no maintenance plan (or simply reacting to emergencies or liabilities as they occur). By following the three Ps of paving – planning, procurement and project management – your restaurant parking lots can be a welcome pit stop instead of a pitfall.

Anyone can patch a pothole, but proactive paving requires up-front planning, which includes pavement assessments, material specifications and budgeting; procurement of materials, which includes bidding and contractor selection; and project management…

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