A Good Time to Be a Fan…A Great Time to Pave!


August 16, 2016

For collegiate basketball fans, A-Lot-In-Your-CourtMarch Madness is the most exciting and engaging sporting event in the world! But, for facility managers, March and April are crucial months during which to get properties—and your parking lots—in tip-top condition. While this month may make you crazy with so many projects in your court, next month and its promise of April showers can be just as draining of your energy.

Thankfully, you have a highly ranked team on your side at Let’s Pave. Wherever it concerns paving, we can fill in. And, preparing for and performing paving in March and April is a great game plan!  Why? Because right now is the perfect time to assess your properties and execute maintenance before those raindrops fall and cause a huge upset to your parking lots and your overall image.

Why You Should Be Paving in March and April

Water or excess rain is the number-one opponent to pavement. Left untreated, water can seep through open cracks in asphalt and compromise the base or sub-base. pavementcrackingCrack sealing is the best defense and the most cost-effective treatment. Prior to performing this repair, however, be sure to consult with us to determine if cracks are good candidates. Cracks that measure ¼-inch to 1-inch wide are best suited for this procedure. Others that are wider or cover a more extensive area may require asphalt removal and replacement. Crack sealing alone, however, will not fully protect your pavement assets.

Summer is just around the corner and that means plenty of sunshine, which also wreaks havoc on your parking lot. Over time, UV rays oxidize pavement (or turn it gray) and weaken the binder, resulting in raveling. Seal coating provides a layer of protection to help keep out environmental irritants such as UV rays, salt, sand, and oil.

And, last but not least, take a look at the striping on your parking lots. Clearly marked pavement serves to direct people safely around your facilities. Don’t let the lines on your parking lots fade away (let’s keep the ‘fade away’ to the basketball pros)! Instead, implement a routine pavement management plan that factors in re-striping every two to three years.

Game Plan

With all pavement maintenance procedures, there are a variety of factors to consider from material and application process to contractor selection. You already have a lot going on. We can help take the burden of pavement management off your plate.  Whether you need help with paving, planning, procurement, or project management—on big or small jobs, local or nationwide—we can assist.  Ready? Let’s Pave!



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