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Parking Lot Striping

It’s important to have well-marked pavement to help direct people safely around your parking lot. We offer striping, re-striping, accessory or specialty markings, and curbside parking services. Get a Quote

Our Striping Process

In general, surface and ambient temperatures of 50°F and above produce best results. Our team will apply paint with an airless and air-pressurized paint machine. For striping over new asphalt or fresh sealer, we recommend a fast-dry latex acrylic, which is water based. An acetone acrylic paint, which is solvent based, may also be used for longer-lasting lines. Typical drying time is 30 minutes.

Why Should You Re-Stripe Your Lot?

Consumer studies indicate that faded striping in the parking lot is one of the top things customers associate with poor brand image. In addition to creating a bad impression, faded pavement markings make it difficult for customers to park safely. After the initial application, restriping should occur every two to three years. This time-frame may vary depending on the amount of sun exposure, traffic load, or snow plow damage the site has endured. Be sure your parking lot is inspected regularly to assess the condition of striping and other markings.

Our team can re-stripe over existing lines or create a new layout to ease traffic flow. Straight-in parking allows two-way traffic flow, but requires a larger parking area. Angled parking, on the other hand, can help maximize a smaller area and fit more cars into the existing space. When striping, we will recommend water-based, solvent-based, alkyd, chlorinated rubber, and acetone acrylic paints based on existing conditions and traffic load of the parking lot.

Parking Lot Marking

Preformed thermoplastic stencils can be used for parking lot marking to designate ADA stalls, fire lanes, loading zones, arrows, or other specialty markings. They can be painted or applied in a variety of colors to help distinguish them from other parking lot markings.

new asphalt and lines striped on parking lot

Curbside Parking

Now more than ever, customers are choosing curbside pickup/concierge. It’s safe, easy, convenient, and it drives-up business. We can help you retrofit existing spaces with new signage and markings or add spaces to increase curbside capacity and boost brand appeal.

curbside pick-up in Subway parking lot

Hire the Right Parking Lot Striping Contractor

Ready for remarkable results? Our striping specialists are carefully selected from our pre-qualified network of parking lot striping contractors. We procure partners that are locally based to the job site and specialize in lot marking. This ensures the right traffic marking paint is applied—one that complies with local air quality laws (which vary from region-to-region) and can withstand unique weather conditions and traffic loads. Get a Quote

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Curbside 2.0 – Enhance Your Program!

Learn what your pickup program must have to effectively deliver at the curb or at the window.

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