Fuel Island Restoration

Fuel islands take a beating. Chipped concrete along with exposed and rusted metal bands are all too common. Not only is this unsightly, it’s also unsafe. Concrete patching and a coat of paint will only mask the issue. And re-shaping the band or installing a new one will not prevent it from corroding once again. Fortunately there is an effective, long-term solution that doesn’t involve downtime and pump removal.

Our fuel island restoration process system completely eliminates the need for a metal band, reducing rust issues and safety concerns from protruding metal at the pump.

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Fuel Island Restoration Process System

Our fuel island restoration process system is an epoxy mortar mixture that is formed and poured similar to traditional concrete; but unlike concrete, it cures within 24 hours and it is 2-3 times stronger, at 10,000 PSI. Once installed, it requires no maintenance other than routine power washing. Color is applied throughout the product, so it will never need paint. It’s chip resistant and has excellent extended wear characteristics. There is minimal downtime as the pump does not need to be removed to restore the island.

Benefits of the System:

  • Resists stains, rust, oil, gas, salt, and UV rays
  • No maintenance other than routine power washing
  • No paint needed
  • Chip resistant
  • Minimal downtime
  • Highly durable

Installation Process

Our expert teams have decades of experience managing turnkey fuel island restoration. We perform efficient installation with minimal downtime according to these steps:

  • Remove the existing metal band
  • Chip away and remove any deteriorated existing concrete
  • Form island, either existing or new shape
  • Pour epoxy mortar mixture, and hand trowel
  • After initial cure time, apply a second coat of protective epoxy
  • Apply urethane polyurea top coat (this can be custom colored to match any branding)
  • Apply sand for slip resistance if desired

Practical Scope Additions

Concrete and Asphalt Repair

While on site, Let’s Pave can also repair concrete assets, fix potholes, apply sealer, and re-stripe your parking lot.  This will save time and money on travel and mobilization costs. Visit our paving services page to learn more.

For all of your fuel island restoration needs, contact Let’s Pave for a free assessment and quote.

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