Parking Lot Maintenance Playbook – The Best Defense is a Proactive Offense

The Super Bowl is just five days away and that means parties and gatherings across the nation. While some will be rooting for their favorite team, others will be watching for the halftime show or creative commercials. No matter your interest, this Sunday is the perfect excuse to kick back, relax, and enjoy the competitive spirit.

However, come Monday, it is back to reality for most of us.  And oftentimes, for those in property management and facilities maintenance, that means dealing with last-minute emergencies. When it comes to your parking lot, however, it is possible to avoid any ‘bad calls’ concerning trip hazards or slip-and-fall injuries. How? By being proactive with maintenance.

In fact, at Let’s Pave, we like to operate by the old adage that the best defense is a good offense.  It certainly works in the Super Bowl and it can definitely work for you and your pavement assets.  After all, with the right pavement maintenance plan in place working to protect your parking lots from wintertime opponents like rain, snow, salt, and freezing temperatures, you can avoid any defensive (or reactive) procedures, not to mention costly litigation or settlements.

pothole repairWith that in mind, here’s what to look for as we head into February. Potholes or other pavement depressions and isolated areas of cracking tend to make an appearance this time of year due to expansion and contraction of pavement. All of which, if caught early, can be repaired using a proactive approach of either cold patch or infrared asphalt repair. This will extend the safe usability of your pavement assets until warmer weather arrives and a permanent remedy can be completed.

March and April typically mean wet weather, which can wreak havoc on a parking lot if proper drainage systems are not in place. Verify that catch basins are located in low-lying areas and that the proper number of catch basins exist. Inspect and clean catch basins to ensure they’re free of debris such as wet leaves, which can clog.  Sometimes pavement settles around catch basins. When this happens, the basin may be higher than the surrounding asphalt, impeding proper drainage. Fortunately, all of these issues—when detected early—can be repaired to prevent extensive damage.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your parking lots, please call on the experts at Let’s Pave. Our team is always ready to step out into the field and assist! We can come on site to one or several of your properties to perform a complete pavement assessment. It is our goal to work together with you to develop long-term, winning solutions.



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