Your Digital Pickup Program Needs These 4 Things


May 13, 2021

While the pandemic disrupted our lives and the economy, there were some good things that came out of it. For example, retail stores and restaurants quickly innovated to provide consumers many options for off-premises business. These services were initially adopted for health and safety measures, but they quickly became a preferred method for customers to interact with their favorite brands. According to data from Prosper Insights and Analytics, nearly 20% of Americans used a BOPIS service in March of 2020.  That number grew to 24% just one year later and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Indeed, it’s become evident that, even in a post-pandemic world, pickup programs hold tremendous value. Who doesn’t love the convenience of skipping the lines and avoiding the hassle that comes with in-person shopping? But perhaps your store or restaurant hasn’t tried it out yet. Well now is the time!

Successful pickup programs hinge, in part, on the right technology. But it would be a mistake to focus all the effort on an app without making sure that your locations have easy-to-find curbside pickup stalls or pickup windows to fulfill digital orders.

Avoid These Pickup Mistakes

We’ve all seen makeshift curbside pickup signs at one business or another throughout the pandemic. While this worked in a pinch, it’s not a long-term solution. Not only can these signs be hard to see, but they are also not tied to any brand. This makes it difficult to discern which business is offering the service and if it is reliable.

Other establishments have used parking spaces and sidewalks directly in front of their properties for pickup service. However, it is critical to avoid using accessible parking stalls or pathways for any pickup program as these areas must be maintained and available for individuals with disabilities.

Pickup Program Must-Haves

Whether at the curb or at the window, a successful pickup program must have the following:

  1. Functional and compliant layout – Convenience is the name of the game for any pickup program. You do not want your customers to drive aimlessly in search of the designated pickup area. Strategize with an experienced contractor to determine the best layout and configuration as well as to verify compliance with ADA regulations.
  2. Branded wayfinding signage – In addition to providing directional assistance, curbside and digital pickup signage presents a great branding opportunity. Parking, landscape, and digital signage systems should reflect your unique brand or program logo to help steer more business to your curb or window.
  3. Clearly marked pavement – High-visibility markings on pavement are another crucial element of wayfinding. Pavement markings can be custom stenciled with your program’s branding and striping can be applied in a variety of color choices to help distinguish it from other markings.
  4. Well-maintained parking lot – Drivers must be able to safely navigate your parking lot to access your pickup program. Make sure all areas of your pavement are in good condition. Preventative maintenance should include routine cracksealing, sealcoating, and striping.

Let’s Pave specializes in turnkey pickup programs for commercial parking lots. We would love the opportunity to help you drive-up business. Contact us today to continue the discussion or enroll in our curbside webinar to learn more.



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