3 things to get rid of as we say goodbye to 2017

The New Year is traditionally a time of planning and preparing. Resolutions are made, budgets are finalized, and schedules for the months ahead are mapped out. But, it’s also a good time to forget. Huh? Yes, you heard us right. Make it your mission to kick these three things to the curb.

A Reactive Approach

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In the current economic climate, that popular cliché can be an accurate depiction of how many people spend their money. In an attempt to stretch limited budgets, routine maintenance is often postponed until the last possible moment. But while this reactive strategy may keep a few extra dollars in your pocket initially, the ultimate outcome of deferring pavement maintenance may end up costing you twice as much. Toss out this approach with the leftover fruitcake and adopt a more proactive strategy for 2018. Work with your paving partner in January to schedule maintenance early in the year and take advantage of better pricing for materials and labor.

Excess Water & Snow

Standing water impacts safety and curb appeal
Get rid of ponding on your parking lot.

Water is the number one enemy of pavement and nothing can erode the investment in your parking lot faster than water and snow. While you check the weather and hope for just a passing shower, you may not realize exactly how the winter weather is chipping away at your pavement. The daily freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing applications of salts and acetates, and pooling of melted snow widens existing cracks, forms potholes, and ultimately causes asphalt to crumble. To give your pavement assets a fighting chance against Old Man Winter, hire an experienced snow plow crew and ensure your lots have proper drainage in place to accommodate runoff from melting snow. A comprehensive pavement assessment can determine if additional drainage solutions are necessary.


Small depressions in your pavement may not seem like an urgent matter. But, the effects of winter weather combined with heavy vehicular and snow plow traffic can quickly turn small potholes into car-swallowing monsters. The longer you let potholes fester, the greater the safety risk for your customers. Get rid of potential liabilities and repair small potholes now. Doing so will also help prevent a bigger financial outlay in the future.

So, as the year winds down, don’t get wound up. Instead, eliminate the things that lead to disorder, deterioration, and dangerous conditions. Kick ‘em to the curb and improve your curb appeal. Ready?  Let’s Pave…



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