Employee Spotlight: Let’s Take 5 with Charlie Palma


March 10, 2021

Discipline, hard work, and a resilient mindset helped Charlie Palma achieve success in the military. Now, as project manager at Let’s Pave, he leverages those same traits to manage multi-phase projects and meet critical milestones.  In this brief interview, Charlie shares his insight on teamwork, strategy, and results.

  1. What led you to a career at Let’s Pave?
    Just like the army, I wanted a job that could challenge me in new ways every day. One that would not keep me behind a desk, as well as a career where I could accurately measure my accomplishments. So, I upgraded from kilometers to square footage.
  1. How is project management similar to a military mission?
    Just like any CO or NCOIC, my client needs to understand the plan of attack, what materials are needed to complete the mission, and how long I will be on target. My job requires a thorough understanding of the site, proper phasing, and ongoing communication to ensure everyone involved knows what is expected and delivers on those expectations.
  1. What should buyers expect from their paving vendor and how does Let’s Pave deliver?
    Buyers should expect a painless operation that doesn’t affect their day-to-day business. The Let’s Pave project management team does an outstanding job overseeing all the moving parts of a project to ensure that all work and phasing benefits the client.
  1. Tell us one thing everyone should know, but probably doesn’t, about parking lot maintenance:
    A parking lot really does require and benefit from maintenance. A lot of people see a new lot and figure they don’t need to be hands on again for another few years. However, when managed correctly, and maintained the ‘Let’s Pave way,’ a parking lot can last much longer at a fraction of the cost compared to a deferred maintenance strategy.
  1. What was the most rewarding aspect about the most recent project you managed?
    I am results-driven and I enjoy seeing my work in action on the jobsite and the finished product.
  1. What are 5 things people can always expect from you?
    I am always in the right place, in the right uniform, at the right time. I show up ready and maintain a professional respect with everyone I work with.
  1. Who inspires you to be the best at what you do and why?
    My Father. Work ethic can take you a long way, and I could not have had anyone better to learn that from.
  1. Where can we find you on any given Saturday?
    Most likely doing something that involves hockey or football.


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