Taking Pride in Our Work – An Employee Perspective


July 20, 2021

Our core values distinguish Let’s Pave and contribute to the Let’s Pave Difference. They are more than just words we say, they are actions we take to improve the paving experience for our customers and the work-life of our employees.

Our director of field services Bob Zaprzal explains, “There is one value in particular—Do Work You Can Be Proud Of—that really resonates with me. Sometimes we get task oriented and just go through the motions. But when we focus on taking pride in our work, we go the extra mile, produce better results with higher value, and inspire those around us to give their best.”

In his own words, here’s how Bob embraces and embodies the core value to Do Work You Can Be Proud Of:


Anyone can accomplish a task or a job but at the end of it all – how often can one say that he or she was really proud of the work accomplished? This core value is important to me because it is a reminder that what I do impacts more than me, it also affects my team and our organization. Without that realization, the potential for mistakes is greater and it’s easy to miss memorable moments and learning experiences.


I work with our value partners out in the field. Leading by example and sharing the expectation that we all need to do work we can be proud of benefits everyone. For example, it leads to fewer warranty visits, a reduction in punch list items, higher overall client satisfaction, and it strengthens the relationship we have with each other and our clients.

Ultimately, no one wants to do the same job over again – doing work we can be proud of the first time saves the extra effort of dealing with any consequences of work that is simply done, but not done with pride.


One of our senior project managers had an incredible second quarter of 2021.  While he lives in Illinois, he spent three months in Indiana where we had a tremendous amount of work to perform. He managed through some tricky situations, kept our value partners happy and on track, and received multiple compliments from our clients.  He went above and beyond tackling these projects and I know he is proud of the work he did, just as I am for him as well!

Finding contractors that take pride in their work may be difficult. But I can truly attest to it at Let’s Pave. Our leadership team sets the example, and the bar is high.  However, it is something that we live on a daily basis and the proof is in the paving.

But don’t just take my word for it…Let’s Pave!



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