Living Our Core Values – An Employee’s Perspective


February 19, 2021

Our core values distinguish Let’s Pave and contribute to the Let’s Pave Difference. They are more than just words we say, they are actions we take to improve the paving experience for our customers and the work-life of our employees.

Let’s Pave has four simple core values. Rather than simply post them, however, we want to live them and be recognized by them. Our senior manager of national accounts explains, “There is one value in particular—Be Easy to Work With—that really resonates with me. Although simple, it has far-reaching significance when serving customers and collaborating with co-workers.”

In her own words, here’s how Leanne embraces and embodies the core value to Be Easy to Work With:


Being easy to work with goes beyond having a positive attitude and being willing to help a colleague or customer. It means having respect for other people, being considerate of their time and their priorities, and tailoring my contributions to meet their wants and needs. “It’s not my job” is not a phrase you will hear from me or anyone at Let’s Pave.


Let’s face it—being easy to work with doesn’t always come naturally. This core value reminds me to put in the effort. In my role, it involves taking the next step and digging deeper. It’s not just about saying “Yes I can!” It requires follow-up questions such as “How?” How can I tailor our service lines, our technology, and our communication to my customer’s needs? What can I do to maximize the benefits of our service and find a solution that works for him or her?


I’ve been working with a national grocery retailer to customize a parking lot assessment program completely around their specific needs and tailoring the end-user information in a format that best serves their existing information delivery systems. This process has not been without its challenges, but I know the results will make it easier for my client. And it will make it easier for me and my co-workers to deliver on their expectations long-term.

In the contracting industry, being easy to work with is often lip service. But I can truly attest to it at Let’s Pave. Our leadership team sets the example, and the bar is high.  However, it is attainable and sustainable. Perhaps the best part is that I can see and experience the results first-hand, which makes it that much more rewarding to be easy to work with.

But don’t just take my word for it…Let’s Pave!



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