5 Reasons to Book Commercial Paving Projects Now


January 5, 2021

Although it may be covered in snow, don’t let your parking lot get buried on the to-do list. Make it a priority and book your commercial paving projects right now to benefit your bottom line.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Winter has wreaked havoc on many areas of your property and the parking lot can wait. But I challenge you to think about paving differently. When you do, it is possible to stretch your paving dollars and get more value.

If you’re also thinking, winter and paving don’t go together—you’re not alone. But just because many asphalt plants are closed, it doesn’t mean commercial pavement should be neglected. Winter is the ideal time to assess your parking lot assets, prioritize repairs, and book/schedule projects for as early as possible after plants reopen. Here’s why you should do it and how you’ll benefit:


Paving earlier in the year results in savings on material and labor. That’s because supply and demand factor heavily into the cost. When plants re-open, supply and demand for asphalt and concrete reaches equilibrium, resulting in fair market pricing. (Later in the year, material prices increase 5-15%.)  Labor is less expensive earlier in the year, too, because contractors employ more crew members and work longer hours. This translates to fewer mobilizations and reduced travel costs.


For best performance and results on any paving project, material must be applied during proper temperature and weather conditions. In general, the months during spring and summer provide the most ideal conditions.


Speed of project execution is dependent, in part, on weather. With favorable conditions in late spring and early summer, projects can be completed quicker with fewer delays. Material cures more quickly during this time of year, too. That means traffic can be allowed on the parking lot sooner, minimizing downtime.


Performing parking lot maintenance—especially sealcoating—early in the year means your business has more time to realize the aesthetic and safety benefits of well-maintained pavement.


Because there is less risk involved with paving in the spring and summer, a warranty covering workmanship and materials costs less. On the contrary, warranty costs rise for projects performed later in the year.

Act Now and Save:

Let’s Pave can help you get the best value for your paving dollars. You can realize incredible savings by getting an early start on your commercial paving projects. Well-maintained pavement not only costs less in the long run, but it also reduces liability exposure and increases brand appeal. Ready to save?  Let’s Pave!



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