Buying Local Makes ‘Cents’


July 4, 2016

We all know that shopping locally, for just about anything, fuels economic development by boosting a neighborhood’s economy. At Let’s Pave, we embrace a ‘shop local’ philosophy in our business practices to make a difference in both our customers’ businesses and their communities.

Our ‘Shop Local’ Strategy

Here’s how it works. Through our decades in the paving business, we have created professional standards that are used across the nation to assess each job site and define the scope of work.

Next, we select a partner from our pre-qualified network of paving contractors. This partner is locally based to the job site or sites and specializes in the procedures required.  He or she also has an intimate understanding of the unique geography, climate, and land quality in which the site or sites are located.

Reviewing material and application specs.

Then, based on the scope of work we provide, our local partners specify the right materials and application methods that are necessary to make the job successful. And, because they’re within close proximity to the site(s), our customers don’t have to pay extra for travel and mobilization costs.

The Benefits Make ‘Cents’

The best part for us is that we are supporting local communities by taking small to medium-sized paving companies and helping them grow their business by enhancing the local supply chain.

These companies also gain experience working with a larger company like ours. For example, they learn sales tactics to help them sell bigger jobs. Ultimately, they build capacity and efficiencies that allow them to fuel their local economic growth – which flows back into their communities in the end.

So for us, it’s win-win. Our customers get the best outcome and local paving businesses flourish.

How about your company? Are there ways your organization adopts a ‘shop local’ approach that benefits all parties involved? We’d love to hear about it. Let’s talk and Let’s Pave…


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