The #1 Thing You Can Do for Your Pavement Assets This Fall


September 1, 2020

We get it. Visiting every site in your portfolio is tough, especially now. And, not knowing what is out there makes it difficult to budget for pavement maintenance. Yet pavements are aging, and budgets are not growing. So, how can you take care of your pavement assets and get the best bang for your buck? Let’s Pave can help!

#1 – Prepare for 2021

Right now is the perfect time to prepare for the year ahead. For your commercial pavement assets, the process involves three key components—assessments, budgeting, and planning.

Pavement Assessments

You can’t budget for what you don’t see. Let’s Pave can perform a visual inspection—either in person or with digital technology—to document the overall condition of your pavement assets such as surface distress, ride quality, and aesthetics. The data collected will help identify repair and replacement needs, prioritize repairs on a site or set of sites, and create budgets for planning up to five years ahead.  Routine assessments (every 2-4 years) keep data fresh and enable accurate budgeting so you can afford ongoing maintenance.


Past spending, cost drivers, geography, and other variables specific to your locations are important to any paving budget. But pavement assessment data is necessary to allocate funds in the appropriate places. It also provides insight into budget needs beyond the current year. Let’s Pave uses empirical assessment data to develop comprehensive budgets that include routine maintenance as well as future capital and expense needs such as parking lot construction for new facilities, parking lot expansion, or asphalt resurfacing. This approach helps to minimize unbudgeted expenses or scheduling setbacks due to lack of funding.


Now that you know what’s out there and the funds you have to work with, it’s time to map out your maintenance program. However, effective planning and scheduling requires education and understanding. Let’s Pave can help you think about paving differently in order to stretch your paving dollars and get more value. For example, time of year matters. The earlier in the year you can execute pavement maintenance, the more money you will save.

While 2020 didn’t go as planned, and things may look a little different next year, one thing remains unchanged. Let’s Pave can still help you get the best value for your paving dollars. Ready to save?  Let’s Pave!



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