ADA Parking – Can You Spot the Safety Issue?


July 10, 2018

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law granting equal rights and access to persons with disabilities. Non-compliance may result in fines, injuries, and lawsuits. In fact, the number of ADA lawsuits brought to Federal Court continue to rise each year and the typical settlement is $15,000.

Parking lots tend to be a big issue for many properties because pavement is the first area encountered and it is the most visible. While some violations are easy to spot, others can be less obvious unless you know what to look for. Either way, if your parking lots are non-compliant, you can be liable.

We’ve compiled a few pictures of common safety issues concerning ADA parking. If any of these look familiar, contact Let’s Pave to ensure that your parking lots are up to code. You may also download our Guide to ADA Compliance.



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